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Posted 3 March 2016

Next Exhibition: Scissors Cut Paper Wrap Stone

Next Exhibition: Scissors Cut Paper Wrap Stone

Eva Fàbregas, video still, The role of unintended consequences (Sofa Compact), 2016. Digital Animation, 10 mins. Courtesy of the artist.

Our next exhibition, Scissors Cut Paper Wrap Stone, opens on 24th March at 7pm.

The exhibition takes its title reference from a book by Belfast-based Science Fiction writer Ian McDonald. In this book, McDonald describes a young graphic design student (Ethan Ring) who is able to create digital images that bypass rational thought and control the mind of the viewer. The power of Ethan Ring’s images to induce tears, provide ecstasy, heal, and even kill people, attracts the interests of legal, military, governmental, and commercial forces, who all see the opportunities of harnessing this potential for their own ends.

Featuring artwork by Alan Butler, Clawson & Ward, Eva Fàbregas, Pakui Hardware, John Russell, and Andrew Norman WilsonScissors Cut Paper Wrap Stone is a playful response to the central ideas of this story; exploring the status of art’s ‘affective autonomy’ at a time when art is being increasingly instrumentalised and stripped of its intrinsic values.