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CCA Research Associate | Katharina Stadler

Katharina Stadler

CCA Research Associate | 2020 | Katharina Stadler

Katharina Stadler is a Vienna born conceptual artist and writer. She studied Music, Theater and Cultural Communication studies at Humboldt University in Berlin, graduating with a thesis on the interconnection and opposition of voice and silence as worship in Augustine’s writings. Since 2010 Katharina is based in Tbilisi, Georgia.In 2019 she enrolled for her PhD at The University of Art and Design in Linz with a project ‘on sound & ideology’, supervised by Prof. Dr. Robert Pfaller.

Katharina Stadler works process-based, interdisciplinarily and with different media on discourses of ideology and politics connected especially to the notions of new forms of colonialism and imperialism as well as the question of limits of consciousness through social mechanisms and other determinants. In addition she is engaged in collaborations often focusing on practices of solidarity and collectivity, frequently in relation to the so called public. Since she trusts in the strength of raising questions rather than giving answers, she tends to create situations of rupture as to trigger an interaction with and not a mere consumption of her work.


Image credit: Katharina Stadler, long pauses, 2016