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'Out There, Thataway' Playlists


‘Out There, Thataway’ Playlists

Out There, Thataway, a group exhibition curated through dialogue between Francis Halsall, Declan Long, and CCA, is accompanied by a series of specially commissioned playlists coordinated by Dublin based artist Jonathan Mayhew. Released weekly online and in CCA’s library space during the run of the exhibition, they can now also be accessed below.



Playlist #1

Compiled  by artist Jonathan Mayhew:

“a dark, white nothingness everywhere, mountains invisible but surrounding me, cut by only by seemingly endless tunnels, the radio goes in and out, suddenly an explosion of light, a town comes past. a forgotten memory of an early morning drive in Norway during the winter.”


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Playlist #2

Compiled by Out There, Thataway co-curator, art writer and academic Francis Halsall:

“The very best pop is about both belonging and transcendence. Through songs a sense of belonging is felt perhaps to a lover, a friend, a place, or a gang. Lovers can make their own cosmos around themselves, but so too can the partisan, tribal and alien worlds of fans. Pop is also about yearning to escape: leaving the suburbs; escaping into love; running to somewhere beyond the prickly restrictions of youth. But pop also struggles to transcend the limits of its genre. It seeks out those places and feelings that lie beyond the constrictions of its format; to articulate those emotions that will always remain sweetly unrequited and un-expressible in the forms of its flimsy medium.”


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Playlist #5

Compiled by by novelist, writer and philosopher Lars Iyer:

“‘Forget outer space – inner space is the final frontier. Here are some selections of dark modal ambience from the 70s, ready to take you IN and then OUT.”


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Playlist #6

Compiled by artist and academic Ayesha Hameed:


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