‘Control Rooms’ guest publication – Mine Kaplangı

Control Rooms is a self-critical introduction to Bager Akbay’s art practice and (fictitious) essays focuses on the researches and productions of Bager Akbay who is an artist works and thinks on artificial intelligence and machine learning by using speculative methods and/or methodologies. Edited by Merve Ünsal, with contributions of Ebru Yetişkin and Bager Akbay, the publication was written by Mine Kaplangı with the purpose of unfolding the research periods of Bager Akbay’s through various art projects such as the robot poet Deniz Yılmaz (2015), the curatorial system The Shepherd (2016) and the ongoing decentralized collective artistic production interface Mahlas.


This book is also viewable online for free via this Google Drive link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1JduY7KLGnB-jLDgu9__4t76prPZVxt07/view

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