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Posted 11 January 2017

The Edge of Things projects announced

The Edge of Things projects announced

Preliminary models, Gerry Murphy's workshop, Brown&Bri - A Riveder le Stelle

CCA is pleased to announce the projects that comprise The Edge of Things commissions, selected by CCA and Sean Lynch. Projects will be taking place over the next two months in CCA. Please check back for more details.


David Beattie – A quarter turn to face the light

3rd February

A quarter turn to face the light is a new work that explores the fluid tangibility of an edge. In an attempt to grasp a moment in time Beattie will present a temporary, sculptural event that will follow the solar alignment on the 3rd February 2017.

Biography: David Beattie is an artist who lives and works in Dublin, Ireland. Assembled from a variety of everyday materials, Beattie’s work attempts to provide a framework for assessing our daily surroundings, exploring the intermediary moments where physics, philosophy, technology and nature collide.


Charlie McConaghy – The object of time

7th February

Four objects that have lost their significance and purposefulness over time are gathered with the intention that through their display and sharing of their stories, new life can be given to the objects; that their collective history is furthermore woven in time. With the engagement of fresh eyes and new interpretation the objects can be transformed.

Biography: Charlie McConaghy is an avid curio collector, story teller, amateur historian and enthusiastic naturalist.


Colin Priest – Dopey Dick is 40!

18th February

2017 will mark the 40th anniversary of ‘Dopey Dick’ getting lost trying to find salmon in the River Foyle. Now living in the Hebrides, Dopey Dick has been identified and is known locally as ‘Comet’. Colin Priest will assemble a special celebration for The Edge of Things with party hats, some Mendelssohn and a special tray bake to remember this venerable visitor.

Biography: Colin Priest is a London based practitioner and academic; his work enlivens places through various forms of public action. www.studiocolumba.com


Brown&Brí – A Riveder le Stelle

25th February

A Riveder le Stelle is an interpretive re-staging of Swedish composer Ingvar Lidholm’s 20th century choral work of the same name. E quindi uscimmo a riveder le stelle (“And thence we came forth to see again the stars”) is the final line in Inferno, the first canto in Dante’s epic 14th century poem that describes the emergence into the night sky after travelling through the Underworld.

Brown&Brí are interested in the synaesthetic potential of this work and how inspiration can act as a moment of clarity or lunacy. At CCA – using sculptural installation, audio and text – they will present research into instances of symmetry of thought across time and space.

Biography: Brown&Brí is a collaborative curatorial and artistic practice. They work with people across disciplines and are interested in those intersections where it’s possible for new languages to be invented. They like staging in art, and the honesty of fiction. Brown&Brí are Rachel Brown and Brighdín Farren.


Basic Space – The Present Is Not Enough – Part I

4th March

Part I intersects sites of peer learning, research, and artistic presentation, featuring Daniel Bermingham, Kian Benson Bailes and Olivia Sparrow. In this one-day event hosted by Basic Space, CCA will act as an ephemeral community centre for the public to engage in the crafting of queer histories through political, social and artistic actions.

Biography: Basic Space is a contemporary art practice group operating from a studio/gallery space in Temple Bar, Dublin.