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CCA Youth Collective

Youth Collective

CCA is delighted to announce our Youth Collective; we are seeking inquisitive and curious young creatives to embark on a new collaborative project. We want to give young people that are interested in contemporary art the chance to work with the gallery and each other to curate their own programme of events for young people by young people.

If you are 16–24 and want to discover more about the art world, possible careers and further education, collaborate with other creatives and make a space to explore ideas then GET INVOLVED.

This is opportunity for anyone considering a career or further education in the arts, but may be unsure where to start.

The collective meets regularly to develop the arts programmes they want to see in Derry~Londonderry, and if you aren’t based here but want to get involved, let us know! Note: during the Lockdown the Collective are meeting via zoom. Email Jak@cca-derry-londonderry.org for details on how to join.

The Youth Collective are currently working on a new zine, click this link for info on how to get involved. Zine submissions deadline: 1 June 2020.


Make Your Mark
Friday 22 May 2020, 4:30–6pm
In this drawing workshop we’ll leave detailed drawings at the door; this will be a chance to let loose and explore abstract mark-making. Experiment with quick-fire games and a focus on alternative drawing materials. No pressure, no outcome, simply for the enjoyment of drawing.

You’re free to use any materials you have to hand, but we want this to be a chance to try using something that normally wouldn’t be your go-to.
Somethings that will come in handy (but are not essential):
Felt tips / pencils (various grades) / black ink / black paint (any kind) / gouache / biro / chalk / oil pastel / charcoal / masking tape
Alternative materials you might have at home:  – Paper (any colour) / cardboard / cereal boxes / napkins / old books / scraps of wood / sticks / elastic bands / bits of nature (leaves, flowers, grass) / old toothbrush / feathers / old fabric / cutlery
If you only have a pencil at home – don’t worry – you can definitely still take part! 
This is via Zoom, email Jak@cca-derry-londonderry.org for details.
Friday 5 June 2020, 4:30–6pm
The ‘Bad’ Art Club – ugly art only please. This is a chance to go deep in the cupboard and dust off a piece of work we had previously deemed doomed, ruined and just ‘not working’ and share with the group in a friendly environment. This creates an opportunity for the group to look for new perspectives, positives and possibilities in the piece. One persons ‘trash’, is another’s treasure’.
Anyone interested in participating should send an image of the work in advance to Jak, at jak@cca-derry-londonderry.org.
Saunter On
Friday 19 June 2020, 4:30–6pm
To celebrate ‘World Saunter Day’ (yeah its a real thing) – we invite you to take your time and ‘saunter’ however you can. This could be through your local neighbourhood / park / garden /  from your bedroom to your kitchen / to your bathroom / whatever you can manage, and consider, how do we engage with your environment?
We want you to map your journey however you see fit – it could be literal, it could be drawings of your surroundings, it could be a length of string, it could be words or letters you find along the way, endless possibilities.
We will have an initial meeting to check in at 4:30pm, break away for our ‘saunter’, and regroup an hour later to share our ‘maps’.
The check in is via Zoom, email Jak@cca-derry-londonderry.org for details.
Youth Collective
Youth Collective
Youth Collective

Zine making workshop, 14 February 2020