Beauty is in the Streets (unframed) – Colin Darke


Colin Darke, Beauty is in the Streets, 2018
Screen printed by hand
Limited edition of 100
Stretched 39 x 59 cm
Also available stretched here.

CCA is pleased to present the first of our new series of artists’ editions: Colin Darke’s work on linen, Beauty is in the Streets, screen-printed by hand in an edition of 100. The work is launched alongside and linked to our exhibition Lavish and Judicious.

In responding to the notion of the model village at Sion Mills, Colin Darke has based this work on another nineteenth-century example of socio-political urban planning – the Hausmannisation of Paris during the Second French Empire (1852-1870). This demolition and rebuilding programme was designed to drive workers from the centre of the city and the new wide avenues were intended to limit the ability of revolutionaries to construct barricades. Its second reference is to the May days of Paris in 1968, incorporating elements of a poster made at the Atelier Populaire, in which a woman hurls a cobblestone from a city street.

With thanks to the Derry Print Workshop.